Kalamazoo CHAP is housed within Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. The Kalamazoo CHAP works with Medicaid pediatric patients in Kalamazoo County to promote access to quality medical care. They also work with families to address individual needs to improve overall health. These services include education, Medicaid eligibility issues, barriers to getting to medical appointments, community resources, behavioral health referrals, and education on the importance of immunizations and well-child visits.


Who is eligible?

Kalamazoo CHAP services are available for Kalamazoo County resident children birth through age 17 with Medicaid or Medicaid eligible who attend our partner Pediatric Practices:

Borgess ProMed Pediatrics | Bronson Rambling Rd Pediatrics | WMed Pediatrics Clinic Pediatrics, PC